Advice That Many Small Businesses Should Remember When it Comes to Media Relations

For many small businesses today, a great deal of their focus lies in getting their company noticed and to get their business the attention necessary to start getting some traction in the market. For many small businesses today, this obviously means making the rounds and trying their best to get the attention of journalists and other media contacts to give that company some exposure in the market. However, for more small businesses, they have very little insight into the world of public relations and how journalists view the many companies who are looking to get their attention and some publicity for their company.

For these small businesses, there are a few key pieces of advice that most journalists today will agree can help them get the attention of media outlets. While we have already touched on the importance of targeting the right journalists for the right pitches, and sending the right type of story in the press release, it is also important to remember the best ways to interact with journalists in order to get their attention and to find the best chance for success to getting the coverage you are looking for.

The first and most important thing to remember to treat these journalists with respect and to respect their position within the media world, by providing them with truthful information. Avoid overly exaggerating the story you are looking to sell, as this is disrespectful for the journalists who will be taking your story with your word that its truthful. You will also want to make sure that you are respecting their time and how valuable it is by not beating around the bush when contacting the, get to the point and let them know what it is that you are looking for. Finally respect them by giving the journalist some time to look over your story. Chances are, they have many press releases, pitches and stories to consider, so consistent pressuring may not be in your best benefit.

Remember that even if the journalist doesn’t publish your piece right away or if you think that they have just ignored your pitch for coverage, these journalists often have much more complex plans in place in terms of what they want to publish and when. Just because a journalist has received a story and hasn’t published it, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t tucked it away for publishing at a later date. WIth that in mind, don’t cast out a particular journalist because you think they don’t care about your pitch, realize that their job involves getting a lot of pitches and that ultimately, they need to do whats best for them, their publication and their readers.